Peer Review Week 2018 – Blog Posts

Friday 27th July

What: #PeerReviewWeek18 Is Coming!
When: 27 July 2018
Who: Alice Meadows
Further details: https://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2018/07/27/peerrevweek18-is-coming/

Wednesday 5th September

What: Aries Systems Celebrates #PeerReviewWeek18
When: 5 September 2018
Who: Jocelyn Koller
Further details: https://www.ariessys.com/views-press/news-opinion/aries-celebrates-peer-review-week/

Thursday 6th September

What: Publishing daily blog posts on The Wiley Network blog
When: 6th – 16th September 2018
Further Details: We will be publishing every day during #PeerReviewWeek18 about inclusion, diversity, registered reports and transparent peer review. Sign up to receive alerts as we publish these blog posts.

Friday 7th September

What: #PeerReviewWeek18 is on the way
When: 7th September 2018
Who: Lou Peck
Further Details: https://hub.wiley.com/community/exchanges/discover/blog/2018/09/06/peerreviewweek18-is-on-the-way?referrer=exchanges

What: Diversity and peer review
When: 7th September 2018
Who: Dee McCurry
Further Details: https://www.exordo.com/blog/diversity-and-peer-review-week/

Monday 10th September

What: Then and now – exploring diversity in peer review at the Royal Society
When: 10th September 2018
Who: Aileen Fyfe
Further Details: https://blogs.royalsociety.org/publishing/

What: Article – Why Use the Double-Blind Peer Review Process?
Where: IGI Global Newsroom
When: September 10, 2018
Who: IGI Global
Further details: Learn what IGI Global’s peer review process looks like, and why the international academic publisher uses the double-blind peer review process for their publications. Visit IGI Global’s newsroom to read more.

What: Article – Diversity and peer review – Why this year’s Peer Review Week is focusing on Diversity and Inclusion
Ex Ordo Blog
September 10, 2018
 Ex Ordo
Further details: 
Visit Ex Ordo Blog to read more.

What: Research in progress blog “Patient peer review in academic journals: Next steps in the journey”
Where: BMC Blog Network
September 10, 2018
 Ella Flemyng, Journal Development Manager
Further details: 
 In this blog marking Peer Review Week, Ella Flemyng, Journal Development Manager for BMC’s applied-methodology journals, tells us about the novel structure of the co-produced Research Involvement and Engagement, highlighting recent developments for patient peer review and discussing what the future might hold for patient involvement in academic journals.

What: Gender and Regional Diversity in Peer Review
When: 10th September 2018
Who: Lou Peck
Further Details: https://hub.wiley.com/community/exchanges/discover/blog/2018/09/09/gender-and-regional-diversity-in-peer-review

What: Why Publish a Registered Report? Three Experts Share Their Insights
When: 10th September 2018
Who: Elizabeth Moylan
Further Details: https://hub.wiley.com/community/exchanges/discover/blog/2018/09/10/why-publish-a-registered-report-three-experts-share-their-insights

What: Your research community needs YOU … to become a peer reviewer
When: 10 September 2018
Who: Taylor & Francis Author Services
Further details: https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/your-research-community-needs-you-to-become-a-peer-reviewer

Tuesday 11th September

What: What makes a good review
When: 11th September 2018
Who: Dr Maurine Neimann, Preprint & Associate Editor of Proceedings B
Further Details: Maurine shares her thoughts on peer review and what makes a good review https://blogs.royalsociety.org/publishing/

What: Addressing the Regional Diversity of Reviewers
When: 11th September 2018
Who: Thomas Gaston
Further Details: https://hub.wiley.com/community/exchanges/discover/blog/2018/09/10/addressing-the-regional-diversity-of-reviewers

What: Why should you become a reviewer?
When: 11 September 2018
Who: Taylor & Francis Author Services
Further details: There are many demands on a researcher’s time, so why would you spend some of that precious time peer reviewing other people’s work? https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/why-should-you-become-a-reviewer

Wednesday 12th September

What: Diversity in journal peer review at the Royal Society developments.
When: 12th September 2018
Who: Phil Hurst
Further Details: Phil outlines the current state of play. He describes the work the Royal Society has been doing in this area and considers the futurehttps://blogs.royalsociety.org/publishing/

What: 5 Ways academic journals can increase diversity in peer review
When: 12th September 2018
Who: Scholastica
Further Details: This blog post will overview five steps academic journals can take to cultivate more diversity in peer review and consequently publish articles that reflect more diverse perspectives. We will look at examples of journals that have successfully implemented initiatives to increase diversity in their submissions, authorship, and readership.  https://blog.scholasticahq.com/post/ways-academic-journals-can-increase-diversity-peer-review/

What: How to become a peer reviewer
When: 12 September 2018
Who: Taylor & Francis Author Services
Further details: Two thirds of authors who have never peer reviewed would like to. Follow our tips on how to open doors to new reviewing opportunities https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/how-to-become-a-peer-reviewer

What: Why we need to develop and diversify the community of peer reviewers to produce impactful research
When: 12 September 2018
Further details:  NIHR celebrates the wide-ranging community of people that volunteer their valuable time to review research documents  https://www.nihr.ac.uk/blogs/why-we-need-to-develop-and-diversify-the-community-of-peer-reviewers-to-produce-impactful-research/9166

Thursday 13th September

What: A Q&A with Cristina Lazzeroni, Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee at the University of Birmingham.
When: 13th September 2018
Who: Cristina Lazzeroni
Further Details: Cristina explains her role at the University, shares her thoughts on diversity in her particular field and shines a light on her peer review work for grants.https://blogs.royalsociety.org/publishing/

What: Overcoming cultural barriers  in STEM
When: 13th September 2018
Who: Shirin Bahmanyar
Further Details: Maurine shares her thoughts on peer review and what makes a good review https://blogs.royalsociety.org/publishing/

What: Tips for new peer reviewers
When: 13 September 2018
Who: Taylor & Francis Author Services
Further details: You’ve received your first invitation to review a manuscript. But what process should you follow? What are the habits of an effective peer reviewer? https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com