PRW 2022 Activities

There is a lot to look forward to this Peer Review Week. Have an activity to add to the list? Enter it in our Google form, and we’ll be glad to include it!

live events

ALPSP Key Note Discussion
Join us at this year’s ALPSP Conference to hear from Peter Cunliffe-Jones about the role of academic publishing in an age of misinformation.
September 14 2022 | 12:00 BST

Online Events

Council of Science Editors Webinar: Peer Review Week Toolkit
Peer Review Week is just around the corner! Join this CSE webinar to learn how others have organized successful Peer Review Week events and content and start brainstorming how your organization can make the most of PRW this year.
July 21 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

EASE/UKRIO panel discussion on peer review
In this session, speakers bringing the perspective of journals, researchers and institutions will share their experience handling integrity cases and discuss the role of peer review in driving integrity and trust in research.
September 21 2022 | 2pm-4pm GTM

How to Get Published Webinar Series – Peer Review
We are pleased to present the next topic in our How to Get Published webinar series. In honor of Peer Review week, we are excited to shed some light on how to navigate the peer review process.
September 21 2022 | 4:00 PM GTM


Peer Review Week 2022 — Traverse Through Key Aspects of “Research Integrity” with Enago!
July 8 2022


Running a Great Grant Peer Review
This webinar provides first-hand knowledge of what it takes to run a successful grant peer review process. Hear from research leaders at the American Heart Association and the PKD Foundation discuss how they are harnessing the power of community and technology to streamline the peer review process.


AK Journals host a podcast discussion with three Editors-in-Chief on the theme of Research Integrity in peer review
September 19 2022

other online publications (e-books, online guides, editorials, protocols, and data sets)

Other Activities (Quizzes, Surveys, Podcasts, and Audio Clips)

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