Get Involved

We strongly encourage organizations to center their events, activities and resources around the theme this year. However, any material or event that brings awareness to and advances discourse around Peer Review is welcome! For example, you might want to:

  • Host a webinar
  • Run a workshop
  • Organize a panel discussion
  • Write and post a blog

How do I submit my organization’s event(s) to the Peer Review Week calendar of activities?

  • Send your ideas to using the subject line “Peer Review Week” and a brief description of the event or resource you would like us to feature on the Peer Review Week website.

How can I join the Peer Review Week Committee?

  • The Peer Review Week Committee is composed by representatives of 28 organizations – you can find an overview on our team’s page.
  • The Committee is divided into two teams covering different aspects of Peer Review Week: (i) marketing and communications, (ii)  international outreach.
  • You can express your interest by emailing us. Please add a short paragraph of why you’d like to join the Peer Review Week Committee and a description of your organization. What are your areas of expertise and in which team do you think you’d fit best? Once you’ve submitted, the PRW Committee will consider your interest and be in touch with you.

Help us promote Peer Review Week 

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