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Promoting the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality has never been more important. We invite all publishers, editors, researchers, librarians, scholarly and scientific societies, universities, funding bodies, and anyone interested in advancing high-quality research to join us during Peer Review Week (PRW) for this celebration and learning experience. This year’s theme is “Identity in Peer Review” — and there is still time to get involved!

PRW is a distributed virtual global community event – so anyone can take part in it, and any organization can host a PRW activity. We will be collating a list of PRW resources and events and promoting them via the PRW website and social media channels (to share any resources or events your organization is planning for PRW, please fill out this Google Form). Below are examples of the many ways you can get involved in PRW:

  • Host a webinar or virtual panel discussion (or attend one!)
  • Submit a video to the Peer Review Week YouTube channel 
  • Write a blog post related to the PRW theme
  • Organize or participate in a peer-review themed social media campaign
  • Attend one of the PRW Reddit AMAs — or organize your own
  • Join the discussion on Twitter by following @PeerRevWeek and using this year’s hashtags: #PeerReviewWeek21 and #IdentityInPeerReview

However you decide to celebrate PRW, be sure to let us know so we can help spread the word! Below are more details on how to share PRW events/resources and take part in planned activities.

Where can I see all the events and resources planned for Peer Review Week?

To view all of the events happening this Peer Review Week, as well as planned resources (i.e., blog posts, infographics, etc.) CLICK HERE.

How can I share events or resources my organization has planned for Peer Review Week to be included in the official activities listing?

To share events, blogs, or any other resources you have planned for Peer Review Week that you would like us to feature on the PRW website, please fill out this Google Form. Be sure to input a description of the event/resource you have planned and the website URL where the event/resource will be hosted or where attendees can register for it (i.e., for a webinar).

If you have any questions about submitting a PRW activity, please email us at

How can I submit a video for the Peer Review Week YouTube channel?

For Peer Review Week 2021, we are curating a series of videos on the theme “Identity in Peer Review” to be uploaded to the official PRW YouTube channel. We have prepared a video guide with everything you need to know to film and submit a video – see here for details!

We want it to be as easy as possible to submit PRW videos, so we’re not asking for the highest production values or long presentations — all that is needed is a camera (smartphones and laptops work!) and a little bit of time. We would like videos up to or around 3 minutes in length.

You may approach the theme “Identity in Peer Review” in any way relevant to your work or you as an individual operating in the peer review system. We welcome any and all insights that can inform and inspire the research publishing community.

We take care of editing and uploading videos to YouTube – so all you need to do is come up with what you would like to say, put yourself in front of a camera, and say it! (Though if you would like to get creative and produce a snazzy video, feel free!)

We very much look forward to your submissions!

You can view our dedicated YouTube here.

Can I join the Peer Review Week planning committee?

YES! We’re always looking for volunteers to help organize PRW. You can express your interest by emailing us at Please include a short paragraph on why you’d like to join the committee/your relevant experience. Once you reach out, the PRW committee will consider your interest and get in touch shortly.

Below are more details about the PRW committee:

  • The PRW committee is composed of representatives from 28+ organizations – you can find an overview on our team page.
  • The committee is divided into two teams covering different aspects of Peer Review Week: (i) marketing and communications, (ii)  events and international outreach.
  • The committee meets once a month to discuss PRW plans and allocate next steps among the group.

Translated Get Involved in Peer Review Week statement (2020):

Get Involved Press Release_Brazilian Portuguese

Get Involved Press Release_Bulgarian

Get Involved Press Release_Chinese

Get Involved Press Release_Croatian

Get Involved Press Release_French

Get Involved Press Release_German

Get Involved Press Release_Italian

Get Involved Press Release_Russian

Get Involved Press Release_Spanish

Get Involved Press Release_Turkish

Get Involved Press Release_Vietnamese

If you have any questions about PRW, please email the chairs of the Peer Review Week committee for 2021, Danielle Padula and Jayashree Rajagopalan.

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